Procrastination Preparation

Yesterday was my last day of Bachelors at my university. During these 3 years there wasn’t a single moment when I didn’t wish to finish and get out of here as soon as possible but yesterday while I walked through the university, through the cafeteria, I remembered how I would sit there with friends to eat and chat after finishing long laboratory classes. When I entered the lecture hall, I remembered my first day at university, how timid and shy I was, how the lecture hall seemed huge then. University had become my second home and yesterday was filled with bittersweet memories. It was as if I was at a standstill and every place was rewinding and showcasing the memories my friends and I had etched  The library, how my friends and I used to hunch over the computers to finish last minute assignments, one of us running to the printers, another one typing, another one shouting “Only half an hour left guys!!Hurry hurry hurry!!” This year I was mostly by myself because some of my friends had married and settled and some had graduated or were majoring in different streams and had different classes. It gave me heaps of time to be myself, to explore each and every aspect of university and city life, to be nostalgic and to reflect. And even though, these 3 years all I complained about was the hectic assignments and assessments that my lecturers had bombarded upon us students, I am grateful for the opportunity. In fact yesterday I wished I had the opportunity to rewind my university life and enjoy and relive each and every moment. But it’s time to move on. (That is my graduation speech that I shall be giving at my graduation this December btw. Naah just kidding :P) I have exams next month. So I better stop reminiscing and start hitting the books. Good Luck to all appearing for the exams!!

Exams are just a month away

I should start preparing she said.

I shall print out lecture notes to revise

So much information to be fed.

She heads to the library

Prints out all the lecture notes

She knows she will ace this exam

Her head in the cloud it floats.

She is revising and rereading

She is busy highlighting

She is in full exam mode

When all of a sudden her phone rings.

Her friend has texted her

To check out how many likes she has gotten

Hours later she is still on phone

Her notes conveniently forgotten.

She feels sleepy now,

her brain is shutting down

She feels guilty for procrastinating

She is sporting a pouty frown.

I shall do it tomorrow she says

Still got plenty of time

I won’t get distracted tomorrow

I won’t waste my time.

A day before the exam her mum

Enters her room

Finds her youtubing

On how to get to Khartoum.

“What’s all this nonsense

You should be studying instead

I shall take away the gadgets

So you only study” she said.

Its too late to study mum

I thought I had time

I put off studying to last minute

Never managed to revise

Tickets and graves are cheap

Apparently in Khartoum

When I fail my exams

That’s where I shall build my tomb.

With a sigh mum replied

My darling, don’t you worry

With the way you are studying

You will indeed get buried.

A flying slipper on your head

And slaps is what you shall receive

Dad too busy digging grave

Too busy to even grieve.

Let that be a lesson

To never procrastinate

Failing in exams

Is a shameful disgrace.

I shall stop this poem now

Even though it’s so fun

I should start preparing for exams now

Even though its next month.

My friend is texting me

Probably to check her likes

But I am a good girl

I won’t waste my time.

Wish me good luck

Wish me sincerely

Pray I get good grades

And make my family happy.

And if all else fails

And brilliant results I don’t produce

At least my poetry shows

I can become the next Dr. Seuss.


84 thoughts on “Procrastination Preparation

  1. You’re absolutely right, if all else fails your poetry shows, but I’m sure that you’ll do great in sha Allah. It’s funny, lovely and interesting. Good luck in your exams😊

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  2. My semester end exams start on 24th. I am going to print the poem out and stick it to the wall. With

    “Failing in exams
    Is a shameful disgrace”

    in bold, italics, underline :/

    #ProcrastinatorsUnite 😛

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  3. Start studying already, will you! Ahahaha, loved your poem – sums up my life! Sending KitKat and motivation your way, you need it! (Never too many KitKats but don’t take a break! You’ve had enough of that – but good luck for your exams!

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    1. Hahahahah I should should. Someone should strap me to my desk table and throw my phone and other distractions in a river.
      Lol you are funny azz. I shall only have kitkat not the breaks I promise.
      Thaaank youuu 😘😘

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  4. Omg! Your like me! I have exams in like 4 days and still don’t feel like studying! Talk bout procrastination and also…KIT KATT!! WOHOO I Dint know you loved me so much aaliyah waliyah! (omg u got yourself a name!! )

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    1. Hahaha Jaaaade go studyy dude. 4 days is not a joke. Or are you planning to go to Khartoum? We can go together if you want. Then I won’t have to build tomb coz I won’t be lonely and we could party 😛
      And yess my brothers bought the kitkats for me coz they know me oh so well, chocolate lover and master procrastinator. It was even more delish than the actual kitkat coz it was so lazily melting on my hand. Almost like it was procrastinating its melting lol.
      Hahaha now you do Jadey Wadey 😘😘. Thankoo for the nickname. Much better than Ahluwalia lol.

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      1. I know! I m just such a procrastinator its not even funny! Khartoum? Sweden? Party! Yes! No dude you have so many ppl around you cannot be lonely! Omg I need to buy a kit kat now that I imagined it melting. Thanks for that! Hahaha I ve been told I m good at name keeping aaliyah wahliya! 😘😘

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      2. Khartoum is in Sudan I think. And I don’t have anyone there so trust me I would be lonely. Unless you are scared to come 😛
        Yup go buy kitkat and take a break from procrastinating 😛
        You are very creative Ladey Jadey Wadey 😘😘

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      3. I googled! You’ll find new people there don’t worry 😉 (I am saying that even though I would be scared myself) haha . Been studying! I need a kit Kat break! xD Aaliyah Waliyah 😘😘

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  5. Sticking to every word….

    “With a sigh mum replied

    My darling, don’t you worry

    With the way you are studying

    You will indeed get buried.”

    These were way more than just awesome. Loved it from first to last.
    Exams, this way? I can’t wonder this way surely. 😛
    *Being Formal* 🙂

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    1. Thanks Ahmad. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. And that’s really sweet how you pick out particular lines from poems to let the author know your favourite part.
      Haha we all know which way.
      Thanks again 🙂

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  6. Lol this was the first thing ever that I didn’t leave midway despite knowing that its going to be pretty long. I’m dead. After all the laughing. (Yeah you can say that it’s a zombie that is commenting. jk) 😀 Awesome attempt, man. You reminded me of how I write such poetry when I’m mad or happy while texting someone back.

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      1. Whaaaat?? You don’t like chocolate? 😲😲 Damn it. Just I was starting to like you and your talent.
        Jokes aside, Hersheys kisses on the way.
        I shall be checking your poems out soon 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So you decide who to like or not by their attitude towards chocolate? Wow 😀
        I like it but not like other girls. They are all like “Chho-ccho-layh-hayte”. I’m like, “Chocolate”. You get the point right?
        Great thing. I’ll be waiting.

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      3. Hahahahhahahhahahaha OMG I totes get you coz I am the Chho-ccho-layh-hayte girls. Your comment killed me.
        And yea I get your point loud and clear haha.
        I shall be leaving feedback as always 🙂

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      4. Hahah. Please don’t die? 😀
        I get to hear this many times a week because.. they are like, “have some?” and I’m like, “What do you even like in this brown thing?” but then I apologize for being so racist :p
        Jee. Shukriya 🙂

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      5. Hahaha hey hey hey brownies are yummmm ok? I meant the chocolate brownies not brown people. I shall make you some. My stuff is so good that people allergic to chocolate even want some 😛

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  7. Ahh sweet procrastination, how much we love youuuu!
    Haha you reminded me of my student years and I’m glad I don’t have this stress anymore! 😉
    I’m absolutely sure you will pass your exams with excellent grades, you seem to be such a smart & ambitious woman!
    One question: what to you plan to do after your studies?

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    1. Haha indeed. The love that will get me killed in the end.
      Lol you lucky duck. Yeah I can’t wait for future days when I don’t have ze stress.
      Thanks heaps Loubnanya. You have much more faith in me than I have myself haha.
      Hmm that’s an interesting question. My plan is to do Masters in sha Allah, my parents’ plan is to get me married. Let us see.Allah has his plans and He is the best planner. I shall let you know where I end up 😉

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      1. Haha it’s funny, it was the opposite for me, my parents wanted me to do a master & then a career but I choose to marry instead and to be a housewive ! 😉

        The most important is that you do what your heart tells you so you will have no regrets in the future. You can study your master & marry at the same time or later, whatever.

        Yes of course I’ll be here to see what you’ll do in the future insha’Allah!

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      2. Hahahaha tbh I don’t want to study further. I just want to sit back and relax. But I can’t coz then I have to get married. Well I have to anyway. I shall see if I can manage both at the same time. Keep me in your prayers.

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      3. Haha your parents really want you to get marry soon!
        Of course sister, I will make du3as for you Aaliyah Zahra! What a beautiful name by the way 🙂

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      4. I guess ;). Naah I am 22 : the right age for desi girls and they wish to fulfill their religious and cultural obligation of getting rid of me haha.
        Jazakallah Loubnanya. And thanks. Credits go to my parents 😉

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      5. You seem to have a good relation with your parents, it’s great alhadmoulillah 😉
        I’m 24 and my parents think I got married too soon, so…. Haha
        Wa iyaki habibati ❤️

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      6. Yes alhumdulillah. My parents are very sweet and supportive and protective of me 🙂
        Hahahha really? Naah you married at the great time. Reading your recent poem and the love you have for your husband, it is great to experience such romantic joy at a young age.

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      7. Al hamdulillah, may Allah bless your parents!
        Well, I’m blessed with a wonderful husband..
        But he is the lucky one, he has me! Haha just kidding!

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  8. “Tickets and graves are cheap
    Apparently in Khartoum”
    …enough with Khartoum already! 😀

    Hahaha, are you sure it wasn’t a flying slipper hit that made you write this stuff? (I’m still laughing as I am writing this)

    No seriously, you are hilarious, like always. And good luck for your exams. Sincerely. In sha Allah, you will get good grades 🙂

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    1. Hahaha that was the first place I found on the map that rhymed with room and tomb.

      It looks like it doesn’t it? Flying slipper hit my brain and messed it up. And when someone comments that they are laughing as they are writing it, I can imagine him/her smiling, laughing while typing on their keyboard or mobile. Its a great thing to visualise. I shall stop before it sounds anymore creepy.
      Thank you thank you Ershad. For the constant support and sincere wish. In sha Allah I hope to 🙂

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      1. You do spend your time productively. Maps and rhyming places. lol

        No, I know what you mean. The internet can be impersonal, and such additional clues about emotions can make it feel like an actual conversation.
        Nah, don’t mention it. 🙂

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    1. Haha nope that paragraph was just a joke. I haven’t had my graduation yet. I will in December and when I do, I shall be giving a different one. Something that is more profound and deep haha.
      Aaah you know the likes that you get for posting something on facebook and instagram. Yeah my friends post something and then if it blows up with likes, text each other to show popular they are being. Just a girl thing 😛

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