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As much as I enjoy technology and social media, I don’t enjoy the pressure that is associated with it. When I was little, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram didn’t exist. Even internet with its unlimited data, speed and connection was non-existant. The other day, my brothers and I were reminiscing over the fact that back in the days, after our family had dinner, we would disconnect our phone to connect to the internet. Dial-up connection would take ages to connect with its annoying ringtone. Mum would log into msn messenger or Yahoo Chat to talk to my aunt or call my grandma via Voip. We would play internet games but that was only sometimes. Solitaire and Minesweeper were our companions. Oh and who could forget Microsoft Paint? Best times, I tell ya. I know you kids will disagree but let me tell you, we didn’t have to check our phone every two seconds for notifications to blow up our phone on the latest selfie uploaded. Not throwing shade (well kinda,just a lil bit).


This post was inspired by another blogger whose every (literally every, like she doesn’t blog about anything else) blog post is on how many followers she got and OMG she just started her blog and didn’t expect so many follows, likes and all that jazz. I get it. The excitement. The popularity meter spiking up. The comments of congratulations. We are all humans.We like being loved. We like being known we are loved. It boosts our ego and sense of accomplishment. But what we fail to realise is there are others who are not getting followers and likes and all that love. They look at your posts and feel down. No one compliments on your face anymore. For this person,no one does it on social media either. How is that person going to feel?

It is for this reason I am very inactive on Facebook. Not because of lack of likes or comments. I don’t even post on Facebook. I used to be the silent viewer. I used to silently watch who got friends with whom, who was tagging whom on which party that they had, who was checking out at which fancy restaurant, whose profile photo was getting 100+ likes. I didn’t know I was getting affected but suddenly I was planning a meet up or was asking my parents if we could go out to eat and trying to do all the “fun” stuff but whenever I used to hang out, or go out it didn’t seem natural. I didn’t like it. It is because I realised it wasn’t me. It wasn’t who I was. I was the quiet nerdy girl who loved reading books and staying at home. Yes, I like being social and meeting with friends but I couldn’t and didn’t want to do something crazy every week just to compete.So I stopped being the silent viewer. Now I am the ghost. People ask if I am still alive because there is no activity on Facebook. I just holler at them through Whatsapp . I would rather have real talk through Whatsapp then post a status to let the world know I am alive.

And then Instagram popped up and the world went nuts again. I mean Facebook is basically Twitter and Instagram mashed together. You post a status or share something on Twitter and post a photo and get likes and comments on Instagram. Weren’t those features on Facebook already? But no, people loved the 140 word limit because it seemed challenging and OMG filters on Instagram, no but for real, have you tried those filters?Let me tell you, they are plastic surgeon’s app. I connected with a friend on insta and all her selfies she looked different like really different.Eyes bigger, nose thinner,teeth whiter. And I met her in person and she was still the same. Ok and then what’s the deal with food pics. Did you make it yourself? No??? Ohhh the chef at the restaurant made it? Going to a restaurant and eating a fancy meal every week is such a big thing, I should just give you a medal. I personally believe,if you didn’t make the meal yourself, don’t post it. You post selfies on your account,not otheries, why post other’s creations? I get it, it’s your dinner. Click a photo and save it to your camera roll. But no, Instagram IS camera roll. Just post everything.


I am not hating those who do whatever I mentioned above. If you are one of those people, then good on ya (or shall I say food on ya hehe.) Post em delish food,gorgeous selfies, do your thang. All my friends do it, and I support em by liking. But I personally don’t. Well,selfies sometimes.I can’t help it with lighting so good and angle so great.

Real talk tho, always remember, quality over quantity. For bloggers who are blogging for years, or youtubers making videos, do your stuff with passion and don’t worry about followers or likes. It’s hard but don’t. You will gain followers (not an overnight success), the real and genuine ones. Not the follow for follow people. But people who followed you for the content. Who discovered you through your posts/videos. Don’t go chasing people.It will be slow progress but it will be worth it.

WordPress,Instagram,Twitter, Facebook etc., don’t make it easier on you. They show statistics on how successful you are getting. They post notifications on the likes you got on a post. I am not complaining. I enjoy it. What I hate is when we start equating that with success when it shouldn’t be the case. The number of followers/likes does not validate you,your awesomeness. Numbers don’t define you.They never did and they never will.

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17 thoughts on “Like for like

  1. Absolutely true. I deactivated fb for a whole year and came back as a ghost hah. I don’t enjoy posting on fb anymore. It’s just not the same.

    I like Instagram before as it allows me to use it as a platform to promote my blogposts.

    WordPress is my happy place. I don’t care who follows me or who doesn’t. I write here because I enjoy blogging and making memories through my words and photography here.

    Thanks for writing this post! I enjoyed reading it 🤓

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  2. Thats me speaking through your words 😀 hah. Kidding. Awesome write, I must say. I go exactly like Merida when I see people doing that crap. Tabhiiiii.. Oh.. People used to ask me if I really made all that food that I made, because of this trend? Masha Allah.
    Guess what, I unfriended a person on fb just because her photos seemed so different from her that I decided to get rid of her dual faces. Like I was pareshaan at who is this person I didn’t even add. 😛

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    1. Hahaha aww poor you. Itna mahnat karke banaati ho aur tab bhi log shak karte hain ki google se copy paste na maara ho. Next time pooche toh munh pe cake ya custard maar dena 😛
      Really? Haan yaar aese double faced log pe kya bharosa rakhna? Waese bhi do khayaalat ke log kam nahi jo ab do shaklon ke bhi aa gaye.

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      1. Wah wah wah kia khoob arz kiya hai aap ne 🙂
        Exactly. I wish I could magar mehnat zaya karne ka kia faida? Chup tou me apni qaatilana nazron se bhi kara sakti hun 😛

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  3. Love this post! It’s scary how much I can relate to this post. Kudos to you for going against the grain, a lot of people wouldn’t have the balls to do it (they would think it, yeah but they wouldn’t dare be different and come out an say it). Well done, once again. I adore this post.

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    1. Thank you sooo much. You have no idea how many second thoughts I was having for posting this. I was almost about to delete for risk of offending anyone. Glad you relate and even more thankful that you realise that it took a lot of courage for me to post. Thanks Poppie.

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  4. I love this post! I shouldn’t say it because I’m an Interactive Media student whose job is to study and create the very devices you criticized, but I do often missed the days when my sister and I entertained ourselves on MS Paint or when we had to go outside to play because mom wanted to make a phone call. I guess we all like feeling loved, even if the likes are empty.


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