A Year Later

It seems just like yesterday. I vividly remember the night before. I couldn’t fall asleep. The henna lady had just left. It was 3 am. Lying awkwardly in bed trying not to smudge the henna on my arms and legs, I tried my best to get some sleep. But even with my eyes shut, I couldn’t picture you. My heart was all a-flutter. I had lost my appetite since evening. Everyone was talking in excited whispers of the day to come. I was a mixed bag of emotions. Too emotional to leave my family behind, too nervous to step into a new one the next day. My whole childhood and youth was spent in imagining my wedding day and yet when the day was finally here, I couldn’t imagine myself saying I do. Not that I didn’t want to. I did. But I felt like the moment had come too soon.

I can still remember rushing from the salon to the wedding hall. No, allow me to correct that. I don’t remember. I was in a daze. One minute, I was heading to the salon with a friend of mine and my wedding dress and jewellery. The next minute, I was all bundled up in a shawl, wearing the heavy lehenga with a heavy garland of flowers and heavy jewellery and huge heels heading towards the wedding hall. What I do remember is sitting on the stage, looking down on each and every person that I had met and gotten acquainted to over the years in my visits to India. I still remember the whispers and the looks as people took me in, my dress, my jewellery and all. I still remember my cousins asking me if I needed anything as I hadn’t had anything to eat since a day before.

Suddenly, my uncle and my dad appeared with the nikaahnama. And the tears appeared out of nowhere. Everyone else had left the stage and so when my mum came up to comfort me, I still remember clutching her hand tightly. Listening to my uncle ask if I accept you as my husband. He asked me three times. And I had to nod my head three times. Each time I nodded, I felt a stab in my heart as I saw my mum and dad and how it felt to say goodbye to them. Each time I nodded, I felt a gush of joy filling in the crevices of my heart as I realised that, at that very moment, I was becoming your wife.

And all too soon, I heard that you had arrived. If my heart was thrumming since a day before, it was nothing in comparison to the pounding that was happening now. I felt I would faint. So nervous I was. I still remember when I looked up slightly towards the door and you walked in. I still remember only seeing your shoes and looking away because I felt so shy. I still remember my heart throbbing stronger and stronger with each step that you took. It took you quite a while to come

up to the stage because my cousins wouldn’t let you unless you handed over your shoes. And at last finally, you sat by my side. I still remember when you whispered your first ever word to me since we became husband and wife. That “Assalamualaikum”(peace be upon you) with a hint of a smile. I still remember that I blushed.

It took 23 years to reach that day. I had heard how tiring the wedding day is supposed to be. But the time just whizzed by and all too soon, it was time to go. To be honest, I don’t think such a time frame did justice to my lehenga. I needed it to be worn for like at least 24 hours instead of the 4.

Jokes aside, I still remember sitting beside you in the car as we returned back. And the only thought I had was OMG that’s my husband. HUSBAND!! How weird. I will get some time getting used to saying that.

I still haven’t gotten used to saying it. But I have gotten used to many things.Which are a lot of things but that’s for another time. I have gotten used to living with you and so, I find these days and particularly today, a bit hard. But oh well, I am hoping to complete my studies asap and be back again.

Happy Anniversary my dear Husband!! Our first year was an awesome roller coaster from start to finish. Can’t wait to enjoy the rest of the ride.

P.S. I made you your favorite dessert for the anniversary : cheesecake. And that too Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. With triple the joy.


13 thoughts on “A Year Later

  1. Why does everyone have such good wedding day stories? Whereas all I can talk about is bloated stomachs and farts and whatnot? Sigh!

    Anyway, such a beautiful story and a happy belated anniversary to the both of you.

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    1. Yeah quite a long time hehe. I am doing great alhumdulillah. Hope you have been good too.

      Thank you 💝 . And ameen to your wish.

      Yes, you can get some cake haha. Pop over to Australia. Its waiting for you ☺️

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  2. MashaAllah Sis ,stay blessed and happy always 🙂 I remember introducing my husband soon after my marriage to one of my french classmate , I said meet my friend 😀 and my husband was like What FRIEND! no more now.

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    1. Ameen summa ameen and I pray the same for you.
      Hahahaha what friend? Husbands always are quick to react to such stuff. How have you both been? Are you still doing your cooking blog? It would be much help to me now that I am married 😅

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      1. We are both doing fine, I am having few health issues since last year but nothing too bad as such 😀 still manageable. My cooking blog is quite neglected these days..since most of the things i am not allowed to eat so I only cheat on weekends . How do you find India and living there ? Which city are you based now ?

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      2. Oh, I pray that you have a speedy recovery in terms of health.
        India isn’t as bad as I had assumed and found at the start. Slowly getting used to it. I am based in Assam. That’s where my husband is from.

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