Weird Things That Keep Us Awake At Night

This post is a collaboration with sulphurman. It was a long time coming considering the idea was borne a couple of months ago but as we all know, life happens and we got busy with our schedules. Nevertheless, we finally decided to finish it off and present to you guys the weird stuff that keeps one awake at night. Let me know if you have similar experiences/thoughts in the comments. I would love to know I am not the only weird one.

  • Did I brush my teeth? I am pretty sure I did. Blows air  onto hand and smells for bad breath. Hmm smells good. Wait, that’s a biryani smell. Arrgh I didn’t brush.


  • I have to go to the toilet but I just got so comfy and warm!!


  • If I sleep now, I will get exactly 3 hours 15 minutes sleep. Now only if I could fall asleep.


  • Did I lock the door? Hmm I should go and check. Rabia aunty was telling about this robbery that happened the other day. One can never be too careful. *flips the blanket over, icy air rushes through the bones,slips banket over* aaah never mind. Quite sure it’s locked. Dad must have locked the door. And I don’t even have any enemies to kill me right? Hmm wait, Reshma did hate me in primary school. Always snitched on me and stole my best friend Neha. But she wouldn’t rob me or try to kill me yeah? I mean she lives in Bangladesh. She wouldn’t fly all the over to Australia. She doesn’t even know where I live. I think she got married. lets stalk on instagram.I mean who on earth agreed to marry her? *grabs mobile and switches it on* Aarrghh too bright. *squints in the darkness*. 3 hours 15 minutes later. Wait, is that the sun?
  • Cousins who kick you in sleep. Constantly. Repeatedly. You find solace sleeping on the floor.
  • You are about to sleep and your phone pings with notification. You pick it up and its the phone company sending you a text message that you have exceeded data limit. And its only been a week since you started the data cycle. So now you cant sleep thinking how will you survive 3 more weeks of being 3G less.
  • You analyze and over analyze that aunty’s comment that she passed on you for being a failure.Whereas your brother became the successful doctor. The good thing is your younger bro is also a non-doctor. So you both can cry together.
  • You are planning your whole wedding in your head. The dresses, who to invite, the flower bouquets, chocolate fountains, waiters on wheels for swift service, carpeted halls in purple and cream colour,brides maid dresses, who to make your brides maids,also a silent prayer to Allah that let the groom’s mother let you decide what bridal dress you wanna wear for both baaraat and walima instead of gifting sweet and hideous dresses that isn’t your style. Parlour bookings, what type of makeup and jewellery and henna designs.
  • Also one thing that doesn’t let me sleep is temperature control. Its spring here. Sometimes it is hot at night and sometimes it is cool. Sometimes hot changes to cool and sometimes cool changes to hot. I throw off my blanket to the floor and then a while later I am curled up in fetus  position with chattering teeth. Too cold and lazy to grab blanket off floor. Other times I am wearing winter wear with sweater and socks and it starts burning. Next morning mum comes to wake me up and finds sweater thrown on chair, socks hanging on fan, me lying spread eagled soaking cool air.
  • Thirsty. Drinks a whole bottle of water by bedside. Falls asleep. Gets up 30 minutes later for toilet. Comes back to bed. Falls asleep. Few minutes pass. Thirsty again. Bottle empty. Gets up to refill water. Drinks water.Falls asleep.30 minutes later , toilet break. Cycle goes on till Fajr.

You get the idea.

Go check out sulphurman’s post for the second part. Show him the love by following and reading his humorous and not so haha funny posts.

Thank you Mahaah for asking us to collaborate. I had fun coming up with points that didn’t allow me to sleep while writing the post. Go check out her blog too. She clicks awesomesauce photos, draws and paints awesomesauce pictures and writes awesomesauce stuff.




35 thoughts on “Weird Things That Keep Us Awake At Night

  1. True.. when u get married you have more thoughts. When u have baby hoof… goodbye to sleep.

    Top thought I have is when I fight with him. And wait for him to say sorry turning to other side. And then I think oh why doesn’t he talk he always do that. This time I’m not going to talk to him fir whole week. Lol we talk normal next morning

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    1. Hahaha true that!! Babies ruin your sleep don’t they. My cousin had a baby and when I was visiting it would wake up at 3 in the morning with a shrill piercing cry that made me want to smother him with a pillow but I smothered my ears instead like aaaarghhh!!
      Awww thats so cute of you both!! I guess that’s what happens usually though. A fight shouldn’t last all night. May Allah bless you both.


  2. Thanks for the honourable mention Aaliyah. You are too kind. It was really fun collaborating with you. We should do it again sometime.

    You know since summer has started in India, I’ve begun to experience the temperature control issue too. Basically, the temperature at my workplace is around frigid levels. They say they keep it so low for the computer things, but I know it’s only another way to torture us poor souls. The temperature outside these days is around the level where if you don’t wear a fragrance, you will end up giving off a fragrance. So we adjust to these thermal shocks by wearing mufflers at workplace and then using them as small towels while we are outside. Of course, needless to say the same mufflers must never be used twice. Otherwise, you know, the stench.

    Oh, I just remembered this post was about things that keep us awake at “night,” and not “work”.

    Disclaimer: I don’t sleep at work.

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    1. Thank yooouu!! I had fun with the collaboration as well and yeah we should totes do it again.
      Awww poor you. Its winter here in Aus and I am freezing here, chattering teeth and all!!
      Disclaimer : I can’t sleeep in this colllld 😩

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  3. Wow the aunty calling you a failure for not being a doctor was so hilarious!
    Plus the drinking and bathroom ones like the most relatable one! Haha
    Had fun reading.
    Wesay, it’s been so long having heard from you, I hope you’ve been well 🙂

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  4. welcome back my lil sister 🙂 Thanks for a funny post, needed this monday morning after a long holidays 🙂 the last point hold true for me and I have other way round also, i avoid drinking water fearing the urge to go to toilet and cant sleep thinking i m thirsty 😀 😀

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  5. Hello again!! I missed you, so it’s so nice to see your posts again! And omg, trust me this is my life! The life of an insomniac, day in day out! I could sooo relate to this, especially the ‘Oh wait, is that the sun!’
    And then being a walking zombie the day after! Caffeine is truly a life saver!

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  6. I always smile after reading your posts. 😀
    Nice to see you back and posting. 😉

    Well I always have an internal debate if the door is locked or not. :/
    Glad to know I’m not the only one.And yes those Aunties thoughts do run in my mind also.Allah protect us all.

    Hehe even I have this thing of checking how many hours I can sleep. XD

    Another thing that keep me awake is thinking about studies,life,after life,my current situation that I need to wake up early and I’m not asleep.
    Oh an hour passed,I’m still awake.I need to sleep.

    2 minutes later Alarm rings. :/

    You get it. 🙂

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    1. Awww and I always smile reading such lovely comments. I am glad to be back too 😊
      Ooooh I know. Calculating how much time you got to sleep and forcing yourself to sleep but sleep only arrives a minute before you are supposed to wake up. Le sigh. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. You are always welcome, Aaliyah. And tbh, I don’t even remember when that happened. But in my fading memories, a part of it is still there I guess. I am so happy to see you guys back. You know? So very happy.

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  8. That moment when you refresh your reader and BAMM your puraanay appreciators reappear, together!! And then you click one of them, and find your praise at the end. What even. Excuse me for a while while I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle.

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