It has been a month since my birthday and I was recalling how I was finishing up a last minute assignment the night before. I had a long day at university and I rushed home to get on with my assignment. I finished it up at 11:45 and was ready to pass out on bed. I am glad I called before I did but I am quite sure even if I hadn’t, you would have called at midnight. Because you had remembered it was my birthday when I had forgotten.

I was sleepy azz and wished you good night but you wouldn’t let me hang up. You kept talking when all I could respond with was hmmm and yeah. You pleaded to stay awake for 4 more minutes which confused my already sleep-deprived brain. Normally you put me to sleep but not that night. When I asked why, you blabbered with what you had been up to the whole day and when 4 minutes had passed, you suddenly wished happy birthday which woke me nice and proper. Well, also the fact that my phone pinged with notification at the same time, opened my shut eyes and when I rubbed my eyes to respond to you and my phone, I realised that you had sent me a poem. A heartfelt, beautiful and thoughtful poem that not only had you carved from your own thinking, but you had written so elegantly and beautifully. All this was too much for me to handle. The rush of emotions that came from within resulted in tears of happiness and I started weeping in joy. For I felt truly special. And cherished. And although you are miles away, I felt as if you were right next to me. How I wish you were, so you could see my giddy smile and excited heart. For even though, we both have grown old to celebrate birthdays, the gesture made me feel like a child again.

And this is why I say alhumdulillah, I am so lucky to have you.


26 thoughts on “Blessed

      1. It’s soooo good to hear from you, I was on your blog two days ago and thinking about leaving another message. So so glad you’re doing well alhamdulilah. It feels like everyone who was blogging at the time when I started has been busy with their lives. InshAllah in a good way. 🙂 even Tam doesn’t right much anymore. Although she makes me want to find a Sinan to marry! We need another Sinan Laila story 😀Much love and Duas for you all! MM 💕

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  1. You always write beautiful ♥ I’ve checked previous articles also . It’s so good to see that you have friends and a well established network . I would love if you could help me knowing how to start a successful blog by reaching my exact audience as I am going to write for people who are depressed and are not at ease . I really want to inspire them so that they may not forget to wear their smile 🙂 inshaAllah

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    1. Sorry for responding so late.

      Thanks for the love. I started writing daily and interacting with bloggers through the comment section. My audience slowly built up. I suggest you don’t limit yourself to a target audience but rather write your content and interact with bloggers. Your words will spread to those you want to share it with eventually.

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  2. Masha Allah.. That was so romantic 🙂 ( with my Dreamy eyes) A perfect birthday surprise !! May Allah keep you two in His blessings and away from evil eyes.It is not a culture for my husband to celebrate birthdays except for kids.. So I never expect much from him..This birthday which was in May, he asked me what do you want to do for your birthday so I specifically told him I want to go out for a dinner and he even asked me which flavor of cake should he get for me !!! 😀 😀 but yeah the gift was the sole surprise 😀 😀

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