Blogger Recognition Award

So I got nominated by the beautiful Tazzie Dee for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you Tazzie.Her blogs are all on beauty and lifestyle so go check it out to look beautiful and fashionable and stuff.Also she knows how to rock a purple lipstick.

Without further ado, the rules of the award :

  1. Write a post explaining why you started blogging along with a few tips.
  2. Nominate some of your fellow bloggers.
  3. Comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.

This award is fantastic as it is so handy to learn about the inside workings of blogging. I have been reading other people’s responses and am learning something new each time.

The reason I started to blog was I felt I needed to do something productive in life. My brothers are my biggest support system. They believed I wrote well enough to write a novel but I just needed to fine tune my thoughts and hence the idea to blog was born. With my parent’s permission, I started this anonymous blog as a way to vent out against the injustices of desi society and the feelings of confusion that a Muslim desi kid has to endure living in the western society.

My tips :

  • This blog is your baby. At least I feel mine is. I feed it with my feelings and rant about what I have gone through. And you take care of your baby, so take care of your blog. Do not neglect it. Write something, anything. Post once in a while. But please don’t take a hiatus. Or else it will be like those diaries that you wrote when you were in teens. Abandoned.
  • Do not compare your writing to others. You might see bloggers spewing great poetry, others capturing great photos and you may feel your posts are not that high up. Always remember : You are not meh. You do you. Yes, if you feel the need to improve, by all means do. But you shouldn’t be pressured to do so.
  • If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, take a break away from blogging. I know it contradicts my first point, but I said break, not a 6 month vacation. By freeing your mind of any blogging obligations, you never know when inspiration can hit you. And when it does hit you, grab whatever you have close by : phone, pen, paper and write a few words or the title to your post to complete it later. I am usually on tram or train when I get these blogging revelations and I open the Notes section on my phone and type a little bit to be completed later. Sometimes you read someone’s post and get inspired. Grab the opportunity and give credits to that person.
  • Always remember it should never be about likes. You might write one awesome post but no one reads it or likes it and then you might write one ok post and it bubbles over with comments. So never measure your writing prowess by the number of stars.
  • Last but not the least, blogging should be a passion. Not a chore. Enjoy it.

The rule states I nominate some of my fellow bloggers but Imma nominate you all because tips and hacks are helpful azz.Even if you are not an award person type, I want you leave your blogging tips for me. Thanks in advance.

Until next time


35 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Okay so all of a sudden I decided to explore your blog, and I have zero idea of how I ended up here. BUT. Damn I so needed these advises. Like. Nine months later I actually found a user manual. Thank you so much. That 6 month vacation idea isn’t that bad though 😛

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    1. Hahaha thanks for taking the time out of your time to explore.
      Awww I am glad it could be of help yaar. Zyaadatar bhaijaan ke advises hain toh credits goes to him.
      Arree nahi you better not take a 6 month vacation samjhi?

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      1. Yus. I need to remind myself that its ohkay to not write as ahmazingly as others but there should be originality in the piece you work on.

        Like once I saw this really astonishing descriptive post on a blog.When I see something that really touches me,two things can happen.

        1-I have this strong feeling that I want to be able to write as good as this person.
        2-Look this is how people write,way better than me so why do I even bother trying.

        Well it was the 2nd number that took place.BUT after reading another post I realised that the blogger had gotten married so I told myself to chillax and keep trying and I might actually get better.

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      2. Hahahah your comment made me laugh because you saw the blogger was married and relaxed. I know you meant that the blogger was older than you hence wiser but my funny brain registered as marriage makes you wiser and write better which actually tbh it does, the wiser bit dunno about the better writing bit. Anyway I am the same as you. I see posts that is just deep and philosophical and here I am the comedian with dogs chasing me you know? And then I have to remind myself its ok. I can try too. And I am good at what I do and such and such person is good at what they do. No competition.

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      3. I think there as one…but like I said no edit option so.. XD

        Umm actually the thing is that I have read alot of blogs and that one was BEFORE I made a blog so I cant exactly recall.
        If incase I somehow do remember it I will surely share the link with you. 🙂

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  2. So if I got a chance to give blogging tips, I’m sure I would write these exact points just replacing the ‘azz’ with ‘very’! 😉
    Are you sure you don’t read minds?

    And I adore how you took your parents’ permission before starting the blog. You wanted them to be a part of this creative decision of your life and that’s really sweet.

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  3. One that I always feel is helpful is to never feel obliged to write. I never found the ‘Write twice a week’ or ‘Post every Friday’ rule helpful to me, because my posts just became forced and unworthy of reading. Post whenever you get inspiration and trust me, posts worth reading are better than a few meh posts every other day. Saying that though, I agree on you with the not to take a 6 month vacation! You don’t want to disappear for too long!

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  4. Yes! But for example if you write for people give them advices and they are not there to read your blog then don’t you think it’s depressing?

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    1. Well it depends. I personally would start doing advice posts when I have achieved a good number of followers who diligently read my blog. Not at the start when you don’t have any. Also maybe end with a question for them to answer. It is depressing when you don’t get the response you feel you should but one should not take it to heart. Strive for more 🙂


  5. I’ve got tips. More like don’ts:
    1. Stop watching Pokemon! You’re a grown up! … Uhh, sorry. Not the right tip.
    2. Stop pretending to be Goku! You’re a grown up!…Beep…wrong again.

    Let’s start afresh

    1. Use a decent font size. Some of us are old and have cataracts and stuff.
    2. Use a theme that’s somewhat clean. Too much clutter on the page is distracting. If the reader is interested, he will find some way to explore the site.
    3. Interact with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs or replying to their comments. This is the best part about blogging in my opinion.

    Aaliyah, I think your brothers may well be right. You can express things lucidly (with a lot of humour, I might add). Keep writing. Your novel might be on the way, In sha Allah.
    P.S. What’s azz?

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    1. Hey hey wait there!! Back off my Pikachu!! No age limit to Pokemon or any other anime ok?
      Your other tips are great. Appearance always plays an inportant part in whether someone would take the effort to read the word vomit you produced so thanks for the reminder.
      And your third tip on interaction is what makes the blogging part so fun. Getting to know others and finding that you are not the only one struggling with an issue.

      Thanks Ershad. I sure do hope I can live up to the expectations.Your words make me believe that my brothers weren’t bluffing when they said that.
      P.S. Azz is Aussie slang for very/really. Often used with adjectives. So like I said helpful azz, I mean very helpful. Or if I say funny azz I mean really funny.

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