Shake it Off

So recently a friend of mine got the honour of becoming Australian. She invited me to attend the Citizenship ceremony which I dutifully did, given that she didn’t have family here and hence no one to capture the auspicious moment. My friend along with 50 other people took the oath and pledge and sang to the national anthem. After the whole process got over, the mayor stood up to hand certificates to the newbies and click photos.


I was in the audience observing the excitement rippling among people. Some Indian dudes even rocked up in formal attire with business suits and ties and broad smiles.Indian aunties rocking up Eid and Diwali outfits the whole chammak challo. I am not calling against anyone but it was embarrassing watching all this. India is a stable country. No wars going on as in Syria and other countries. Yes, we are still counted as a third world country but alhumdulillah we are up in the game, technology,financial stability and safety wise. And yet it felt like the room was filled with refugees who were desperate to shed their identity and any links to motherland to be embraced and accepted by the warmhearted and welcoming country.

Anyway the main issue that I wanted to address was this : Australians and when I say that I mean non-Muslim white people, have understood and realised that hijabis equal to no-shaking hands.They are gracious enough to accept and respect the view without taking offense.They know that us hijabis cannot shake hands with a non-mehram male and cannot show the beauty of our hair to non-mehram male. Heaps of other stuff too but the focus today is : not shaking hands. So the mayor is handing out certificates and shaking hands offering congratulations. Next up is a hijabi. Hands get extended. Not the mayor’s. The hijabi’s. That’s right. This hijabi forgot she is a hijabi. People were not only throwing away nationalities but also religion lol. The mayor is confused. This goes against the hijabi code ethic that he has been taught. He had seen her and had dropped his hands to his sides. But she has the palm outstretched. Awkward moment passes by. Actually many moments pass by. He finally gives in and shakes her hand clearly confused as heck.


The funny thing was this hijabi wasn’t even the excited kind.She was calm and collected and assumed she was embracing the Australian culture wholly by this small act. Dear sister, I get it you are frickin excited that you became an Australian. But please shower that excitement on your fathers and brothers and sons aka your mehrams remember? Shake their hands million times over, ain’t no issue. Australians are already confused about Islam as it is. You are not doing anything to clear the confusion. I have a graduation ceremony to attend in December. If hijabis like you stomp up on podiums and shake the mayor’s, the university president’s hands, it is just going to get more difficult for me when I go up there and refuse to shake hand due to “religious reasons”. I ain’t no preacher. I just want a simple life for me.And a simpler life for the poor mayors and principles and other male hand shakers whose views on Islam is distorted due to conflicting attitudes we hijabis give.

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37 thoughts on “Shake it Off

  1. I face this everyday, In my office it is a tradition of shaking hands with people and going to everyone’s seat in morning! I just joined here 2 months back, so I found it quite weird going to people’s seat and shaking hands with them , I normally say Hello or Good Morning to my colleagues when I arrive, so I am not doing their this tradition, and people think I am rude or a weirdo Hijabi šŸ˜€ although I say Good Morning to them, so as a consequence they don’t talk to me much or include me in their happy colleague talks!! but who cares! šŸ˜‰ work and wordpress keeps me busy all day!! hehehe one more thing, sometime some colleagues come to my seat in morning to say morning n bring their hand forward and I am like !! where to go! ! The Belgian greeting is kiss on the cheek for friendly colleagues, for not so friendly one shake hand ,so for kiss I say I don’t, then they offer me their hand, and I am like no! this as well , sorry, we don’t ! I am more embarrassed than them,

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    1. I feel sorry for you. I know how awkward it is to refuse. And wow kiss on cheek?? Apologies but I laughed when you described the scenario of refusing for the kiss and then they extend hand and that as well sorry. Poor you. I admire your strength coz you have it worse than me. To face the awkwardness everyday. May Allah give you ajar for your strength and steadfastness.

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      1. šŸ™‚ Thank u my sister! yeah it’s quite embarrassing, my boss knows now it by now so he doesn’t do, the other day he was giving me a High 5 and he says this should be allowed isn’t it? Its a HIGH 5 šŸ˜€

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      2. Hahaha that was so funny.Poor boss!! People here are generally aware alhumdulillah. So aware in fact that me and this girl got highest marks in our class and in excitement she came running to hug me and then all of a sudden she stops and asks “Wait,can I give you a hug?” And I am like offf course, come here!! Haha

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      1. Hah. But my instincts said that the blog can’t be about 1989 because.. the image didn’t make any link to that.
        You’re welcome. And oh, welcome to my blog too šŸ™‚

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  2. The thing is we can’t control these things. There are hijabis who do worse things while wearing their hijabs. People are different even if you share the same religion… I mean just think about all the different schools of thought just among Sunni Muslims.

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    1. True that. A person should strive to follow the deen, the true path. And yes, she might believe that hand shaking is alright because she is standing at a different position than me. Meanwhile some one else is doing even worse than that like you said as they have a different viewpoint. The thing I wanted to highlight is the fact that the Western world already is so confused on Islam and its teachings and we are not doing anything to help.


      1. Yeah… and that’s only gonna get worse. I think I heard somewhere that when the end of the world approaches, Islam is going to become as strange to others as it was in the beginning.

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  3. Salam sister!
    First post I read on your blog and I totally agree! Thank you for highlighting this subject. Sadly, not every girl understand the purpose on Hijab but alhamdoulillah we are here to remind & help each other to follow the right path!
    Well, I will keep discovering your universe now, if you don’t mind šŸ˜‰

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    1. Walaikumassalam Loubnanya,
      Thanks for stopping by. And its my pleasure. I feel sad that certain girls have to show that they can be cool wearing hijab. They have to show that they are modern. And in the process they forget modesty. May Allah guide us all Aameen.
      And yes please do. I would love to hear your thoughts šŸ™‚

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      1. Ameen.
        That’s true, I see a lot of hijabi sisters trying to be cool by their behaviour or enven by their clothes, but sometimes maybe they just wore the hijab or maybe it’s a lack of personnality.
        May Allah always guide us on His path.

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  4. Exactly! I’ve been thinking about this concept of shaking hands for a while now and I was discussing it with my friends and this literally put my unspoken and rambled thoughts into words. I feel like every Hijabi, especially in an area were there aren’t many, are a representation to Islam and for that we must do things correctly. Excellent post!

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    1. Ikr? We all represent Islam, each and every one of us hijabi sisters especially in a country that has majority of Non-muslims. I really feel a polite “No thanks, but really nice to meet you” with a smile will be ok. And trust me, they don’t even get offended alhumdulillah.


  5. The poor mayor! I feel bad for him. He must have been wondering if shaking hands on her insistence could now create another uproar or not, considering religious tolerance levels are spiraling downwards speedily! šŸ˜‰

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  6. Oh, “excited lady doing crazy stuff.” I have a story on that theme too. There was this girl standing at the bus stop talking to someone on the phone. A bus arrives and the chick start bouncing up and down in excitement. Presumably the bus was occupied by her boyfriend. She bounds towards the bus gleefully while the spectators gasp. The inevitable happens and she falls into an open sewer manhole (Hello, it’s India). We all run for her including the boyfriend and pull her out. She was okay but ooh the stench!

    Anyway, apologies for this meaningless comment. Funny post. For a second I thought the hijabi was you. Then I realised I left my brains downstairs while I had breakfast. And namaste should be made the universal way of greeting. No touching, no confusion.

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      1. Nah, that’s just me rambling. I work with pumps and compressors and machines of all kinds. And they are very bad listeners. So I get carried away when there is a human even if it’s on the internet. šŸ˜€

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