ATTENTION: Muslim Bloggers

I love this idea of Sister Soraya. I would love to know fellow bloggers and this is an excellent idea to share the love.

Pink Whispers

Asalamu’walaikum, hello everyone 🙂

This is a post for all my Muslim brothers and sisters who write and/or read blogs.

In my experience, getting my “muslim” blogs out to people has proven to be a lot more difficult than it should be. And yet my biggest response has been from Muslims.

On many occasions I have looked for somewhere to turn where we can get our blogs out to other Muslim bloggers and all stay connected at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything – which, to be honest, I was very surprised with a hint of disappointment. If anyone knows of something like this please do let me know.

Anyhoo. After all the searching, I finally decided to start something myself. I have created a Twitter account and you can follow it at @muslimblogRT 🙂

If you share your blog on Twitter and tag the above account, I…

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