Mind of its Own

So last night I got sick, like really sick. Fever, cough, blocked nose the whole package. I lay down on my bed underneath the blanket. The bed was bitingly cold against my hot skin and I couldn’t bear to lie down upon it but I had to. I covered my whole body with the blanket and rolled into the shape of the fetus but after a while I started feeling breathless and peeked my head out to breathe. The ice-cold air hit my face,nose and ears so I covered the rest of my face but let my nose out for air ventilation. However if you remember, the ventilation was blocked that is I had one congested nostril and breathing through only one was getting me breathless.


My mouth opened to help in the process and I started gulping down fresh air as a person who was drowning would when he would rise to the surface. Meanwhile the rest of the body that was covered in blanket was not only screaming fire (fever + heat build up by closure of fresh air) but my throat was feeling that I was neglecting it and so it started drawing attention of not only mine but my whole household by racking into dry itchy coughs. Mum bought warm water and lozenges to appease the throat but the throat was having none of it. I shot out one of my legs outside the blanket to cool it down but the leg ran back inside the fiery blanket after experiencing Antarctic isolation outside. Coughs and shallow breathing aside, my hands were deadly cold and my body would scream if I rested my hands against the feverish chest/stomach. My hands therefore got exiled to Antarctica outside.

By this time, my brain who was busy commanding the white blood cells on the battle that was raging against the army of viruses attacking my body, had enough of my indecisiveness and decided to shut me down by producing melatonin. I finally started getting drowsy and was almost giddy with happiness for the fact that I no longer had to deal with problems because I would be dead for a few hours at least. My eyelids started fluttering,my smile started widening as sleep welcomed me into its open arms. As I started getting comfortable into sleep’s lap, the throat probably got jealous because it started throwing tantrums. Series of coughs later, I looked around for sleep which was miles away putting another baby to sleep. Frustrated, I downed a glass of water & turned to my phone for solace and comfort. It has been 2 hours now and I got the idea to blog about it. When the throat saw that I had featured it and given it an honourable mention in today’s post : it started beaming with pride. It has quieted down considerably and I am thinking that while it is busy boasting to other body parts, I shall quickly catch a few zzzzz.


Good Night!!

***All image and gifs via Google Images.


19 thoughts on “Mind of its Own

    1. Coming from funnyman himself, thank you.
      Yasss!! We know the pain. Its like wrapped in an airtight cocoon. Wait, cocoons usually are airtight yeah? Can the caterpillars breathe? Well duh otherwise they would die and not become butterflies.

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      1. This is interesting. How do caterpillars breathe? No, no, caterpillars are too creepy to even think about their morphology (is that the right term? or was it anatomy? stupid bio words).
        I sometimes wish they would make a breathing contraption with a mask kind of thing and straw attached to its end just for people like us.

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      2. Yeah caterpillars are. Funny how they turn into beautiful butterflies and everyone who was disgusted and creeped out at their oozing and writhing caterpillar bodies now chase the beauty that it has become. You would think, humans could do that as well yeah? Instead of going through the awkward adolescent puberty years in public and becoming gorgeous yeeears later, one could go into a cocoon to hide the awkward phase and emerge all beautiful.
        Anyway, yeah, I think its morphology. Anatomy is body parts I think. Gaah I can’t even recall my first year stuff.
        Yes they totally should. If they don’t, I shall invent it for people like us. Its a brilliant idea tbh. Credits : Dr Ershad Hussain 😛

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      3. Oh, I don’t think I can touch a butterfly either. They remind me of their past and ooh the itchy-scratchy hairs they used to have. But at least they are much better to look at.
        Ah, thank you. It will be like scuba diving (I don’t actually know the meaning of the words related to diving). What’s scuba? What’s cave diving? What’s snorkelling? Why am I rambling incoherently?

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      4. Ewww ok now I don’t think I shall look at butterflies the same way again. Haha itchy-scratchy hairs was so apt of a description that I shivered involuntarily reading that.
        Yeah haha it would be funny looking like scuba divers in bed.
        What’s cave diving? Is there such a term as cave diving?
        Oh wait, I think it was snorkelling not scuba diving. Sheesh I don’t know either.
        Based on the time you were checking my posts and writing comments I am going to assume you didn’t sleep last night and hence the incoherent rambling.

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      5. I love confusing people too 😉
        Oh so you do night shifts? How is it different to people who work in the day? Also your sleeping would be disturbed yeah? That sounded dumb didn’t it? Its just fascinating to me because its like against the normal. Like kids who are homeschooled. Now I should stop with the incoherent rambling.

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      6. Oh, I do work normally four days every week. Those are followed by two night shifts and a day off. At least that’s the pattern. Of late, I seem to be working more nights than days.
        It’s not much different. At least, where I work (a control room, which is almost a closed air tight box), no natural light enters and you can’t say what time it is outside. It takes time to get used to the odd hours.
        And don’t worry, it was a foreign concept to me too before I started working.
        P.S. If you are outside, you get to see the sunrise and feel every ray of sunshine lift the darkness. This, I consider to be a plus for people who work during nights.

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      7. I don’t know. For some reason, waking up and watching the sun rise is different for me than staying up all night. In the former case, you are expecting the sun to rise at a particular moment. However, in the latter case, it’s as if the sunlight silently creeps past you and takes you by surprise.
        I don’t know if anyone else feels this way.

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  1. I feel you! I’ve also been sick but better today alhamdulillah. The worst is when you need to cough but it doesn’t come naturally so you have to force the coughing to happen but it doesn’t really hit the spot. And the drooling in sleep ugh! Anyway get better soon in shaa Allah <3.

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