Confessions of a Blogger..

I started this blog approximately two weeks ago and the response I am receiving is overwhelming. Getting to read other fellow bloggers’ post, who by the way are amazing writers and poets, is inspiring. Getting to know them through their posts and comments is even more awesome. The fact that my blog is being read in countries such as Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, America is so mind-boggling. I can’t imagine people sitting in front of their laptops,desktops, on their phones and actually reading what I write like WOW!!!(Am I famous yet?)


I started this blog as a way to vent out my feelings and to record what I was going through. I used to have a personal diary in which I wrote what happened each day. I got it as a birthday gift when I turned 13. At the time I was reading Diary of Anne Frank and she had received her famous diary when she turned 13 as well. (I named it Diary of Aaliyah Zahra(how original!)).Of course my entries were much more daily updates (and not inspiring at all) of what had happened each day rather than the thoughtful philosophical insights Anne had. As days passed, I got bored of it or maybe I became lazy. The diary would get lost among the evergrowing pile of textbooks,notebooks and workbooks of my school days. Months later, I would come across it while cleaning and throwing out the books and I would blow the dust that it had accumulated during my time of neglect and I would read my old entries and laugh at how childish I used to be. With renewed enthusiasm, I would grab a pencil and start writing again, only to get busy in life and leave it untouched. I bought it along with me to Australia but my fingers started crying in pain the minute I started writing as I haven’t done actual writing in 5 years (All my university assignments and studying are computer based). I am pretty sure my diary hates me now. It must think of me as its on-again off-again girlfriend. And now that I am writing my entries here, it must feel cheated.

A page dated February 2, 1941 from the diary of German Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg is displayed at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington on December 17, 2013 as the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency hands over the document to the museum. The Rosenberg Diary, kept by Alfred Rosenberg, a confidant of Adolf Hitler whose racist theories underpinned Nazi Germany's annihilation of six million Jews, had been missing since the Nuremberg war crimes trials ended in 1946. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, a key player in finding the loose-leaf diary, said it had initially been taken by a Nuremberg prosecutor, Robert Kempner,

Because I am writing this blog and I know there are people like you reading it and taking time out of their day to provide such lovely comments and feedback (A BIG THANK YOU), I feel I have to write. Like I would be cheating if I don’t.And I don’t think I can become lazy and not post for a couple of years and then write a post apologizing and promising I am back and shall be writing and then not write again like I did to my diary. But this is good pressure. I am enjoying it. I love it when someone replies that they can relate to my post. It makes my day.


I honestly didn’t know I had writing in me. Mikaeel was the creative one amongst us. It was an established fact. He had the best handwriting (he is a guy and I AM A GIRL (life is so unfair I know). He draws amazing and my older brother Khalid and I would ask him to do our biology drawings (Mikaeel charged us with a fee of course). I used to do well in English like A’s and A+’s on my creative writing essays but that was just that. Studying and getting grades. My brothers would encourage me to do writing and had nicknamed me J.K. Howling. When I would howl about it they would say j.k. Haha so funny I know.

roll eye gif

2 weeks ago my older brother gave the idea to start the blog to enhance my writing so that I could write a novel in the future and with the support of my parents, I did. It would be my personal diary, a place to vent out my feelings, a place to rant behind the anonymous guise of social media. Little did I know, there was team internet who would be supporting me. Getting to know like-minded girls who support each other is such a satisfying feeling. Its like having sisters I wish I had.Coming back after a rough day and responding to comments or reading your blog posts and thinking OMG same just alleviates whatever I had gone through the day. Your blog posts motivate and inspire me. Keep doing you. Us girls got this. We can share the struggles of having that aunty scorn at us for not becoming a doctor. We can stand up against any desi injustice. We can do this!! Now go and do your homework or you gonna get a flying slipper on your head from your mum for procrastinating 😛

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10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Blogger..

  1. Mashallah you keep posting everyday 🙂 I seriously have to learn from you. I post like once in a blue moon. Your writing is beautiful mashallah. I can say now that you are meant to be a blogger. Keep it going girl 🙂

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